Prof Denis Noble – Life is Not a Rehearsal

Prof Denis Noble
Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology, University of Oxford

Prof Denis Noble, Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford, speaks at Seoul T-Talks. He tells the story of a dinner jacket made by his tailoring parents more than 60 years ago. Coming from humble origins, he needed the suit when he attended dinners at University College London. He was the first from his family to attend university, and felt somewhat overwhelmed initially, but soon started to get the top marks in his classes. This eventually led to him being published in the renowned journal ‘Nature’ before he’d even finished his PhD, followed by an illustrious career as a scientist and author of many papers and books on physiology and evolutionary biology. No matter how the odds might be stacked against you, this story proves that with perseverance and hard work, anyone can achieve much more than they may think they’re capable of. As the speaker himself says, ‘Life is not a Rehearsal – Keep Going’ and you never know what you might achieve. Denis Noble spoke at the Korean launch of Oxford T-Talks, which was held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, South Korea.