Welcome to T-Talks

Our exciting new project brings renowned speakers and inspirational talks to the public.

T-Talks is a new project which seeks to inspire young people to achieve their goals in life and reach beyond their dreams.  Our ever changing world is full of opportunities for young people to expand their knowledge, aim high and develop as individuals. Our range of T-Talks speakers weave memorable stories to excite, inspire and give hope to the next generation.

Can you change someone’s life in just ten minutes?

T-Talks aims to inspire a generation of young people to achieve their goals, helping them to adapt to the changing world in which we live.

Each speaker is given just 10 minutes to present their chosen topic. All T-Talks are filmed and made available for viewing on this website.


‘Your event was a great opportunity to see distinguished scholars and representatives of young people taking part in discussions with the audience. We really enjoyed this interactive session. We are looking forward to future events which we’ll certainly take part in again.’ (Students at Hanmin High School)

‘Think hard, please focus on the process rather than the result. Please don’t think that what you are doing is nothing, but think that what you are doing is the most important thing in the world.’ (Prof Nong-Moon Hwang)

‘Life is not a rehearsal. Keep going.’ (Denis Noble)