Sir Drummond Bone – Spread your Wings

Sir Drummond Bone
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford, and Master of Balliol College

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Master of Balliol College at the University of Oxford, Sir Drummond Bone, speaks about the reality of having a career. He talks of how it’s often not a single track all the way through, but that people increasingly have several careers during their working life. He advises the young people in the audience to stay open to opportunities, as this has a liberating and energising kind of effect. Drummond goes on to give personal anecdotes on his career and how he rose to become Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Master of Balliol College, but not without taking a few wrong turns along the way. His closing pieces of advice are to ‘Stay open, stay relaxed,’ and as made famous by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… ‘Don’t Panic’.