Prof Denis Noble – You are in Control

Prof Denis Noble
Author of Dance to the Tune of Life

Prof Denis Noble, Author of Dance to the Tune of Life, & Co-Founder of Voices from Oxford and T-Talks, University of Oxford speaks at T-Talks at Rhodes House.  He delivers a powerful message about how everyone is in control of their own lives, and not subject to being completely controlled by their genes or other aspects of their biology as some scientists and philosophers would have us believe.  To illustrate this idea, he uses the hypothetical story of a man charged with murder whose only defence is that he wasn’t in control of his own actions, and that the killing was a result of him being controlled ‘body and mind’.  This idea connects with Prof Noble’s new book, ‘Dance to the Tune of Life’ which explores this and many other ideas to do with biological relativity, and is a fierce rebuttal of the ‘selfish gene’ ideas promulgated and popularised by Richard Dawkins and other Neo-Darwinists over recent decades.