Kaleem Hawa – When Spires Cast a Shadow

Kaleem Hawa
PhD Candidate, University of Oxford, and Rhodes Scholar

Rhodes Scholar and University of Oxford PhD candidate Kaleem Hawa speaks about the pressures and difficulties often experienced by young people during their studies. An avid cinema goer, Kaleem deftly peppers his talk with quotes from his favourite films, illustrating how many students suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues whilst at school and university. He speaks about how being surrounded by the perception of success can leave young people feeling inadequate, and how often vacuous interactions via social media can lead to feelings of isolation. But as was the case with a personal friend of Kaleem’s who tried to end their life, help for such issues is increasingly available, whilst public and institutional understanding of their impact continues to grow. We should never underestimate the difficulties experienced by many young people, and also acknowledge that the support and help now on offer bodes well for current and future generations.